Amazing work. lovely human & changed my body forever!
— Lizzie G.

An absolute ringing endorsement for the talented hands and lovely personality that is Maya Ray.  Maya is a strong and intuitive Rolfer who got me through more than one half marathon - fixing aches and educating me while I trained.  A few years and many miles later, I remain very grateful.
— Margaret

A few months before I started my 200-hr yoga teacher training, I developed an intense constriction in my right piriformis muscle. I tried yoga and physical therapy to no avail, and finally saw Maya - first for a yoga w/ massage balls class, and then for a Rolfing session. I had never tried Rolfing before so didn’t know what to expect. I was totally comfortable with Maya and left her treatment room with a new pair of legs & hips! I could immediately tell that I was walking differently and much more evenly. I wish I had done a complete 10-series! That one session provided a lot of relief and actionable information that I could use over the next few months to speed my recovery. I continued to drop in to Maya’s yoga classes over the years, and I love her style of teaching. She gently encourages you to explore your own body’s range of motion and provides suggestions to enhance your unique practice. Her teaching is so accessible & friendly, and it feels GREAT in my body. My goal is to someday teach like Maya does!Long story short, I highly recommend Maya for Rolfing and yoga - your body will thank you!
— Emily A.

After over 35 years as a film editor, my body ached. I’d torn my menicisi in my knees and had two surgeries. My pectoral muscles were so shortened from bad sitting posture that even a light touch on my chest was painful. Fortunately, I practiced and taught yoga as my own personal therapy, but I needed help. I met Maya as a fellow yoga teacher at YogaWorks in New York City. Maya’s knowledge of anatomy and movement plus her great sense of humor made her classes and workshops very popular. When she announced her Rolfing practice, I had to give it a try.

After an initial session with Maya, I signed up for a 10-series. The results of Maya’s treatments with my body were remarkable. I took photographs after each session and even now I’m blown away at how my body changed. Before Maya’s sessions, my lower legs were swollen and bluish from poor circulation. After one treatment, my legs were pink and so much less swollen that I could see my shin bones! I felt transformed, and honestly, I was. Each week, Maya worked to move my fascia, muscles and joints with knowledge and kindness. After each session, I walked and moved better AND I breathed better! It was a great experience. 

Maya is a special person and I’m so grateful to her and her Rolfing practice. I can wholeheartedly recommend her services.
— Darcy B.

Maya is the best! If you have any tightness or pain in your body, you absolutely must go see her. I went to her for a Rolfing session for a tight right hip, and when I left I felt like I was walking on a new pair of legs. It was amazing! I also had the pleasure of taking her yoga classes. They are some of my favorite classes - my body feels amazing afterwards. Her teaching is specific, accessible, and still challenging. Highly recommend her - I wish she still lived in Brooklyn!
— Emily A.

I have had numerous rolfing sessions with Maya Ray and each has been incredible. She mixes both her strength and kindess, so you truly feel like what you need is met. I have major pain in my back along with a lot of stress with my work, and she always finds the right spots and I leave feeling 100,000 times lighter than when I entered. Thank you!!
— Jess C.

I met Maya several years ago at Yoga Works in Manhattan. Maya is kind, caring, and very knowledgeable about yoga and anatomy. She is an outstanding yoga instructor! Her yoga classes were always challenging and well thought out, with clear cues and demonstrations. I also went to Maya for rolfing for a sports related injury and tune-ups. The rolfing, together with stretches that Maya recommended, helped my injury heal completely. I highly recommend Maya for yoga and rolfing.
— Pam G.

Thanks so much, Maya ! Since the Workshop, my painful left hip/pelvis has been pain free . It used to wake me during the night but now you have given me some valuable help & I feel that I have much more control.
— Dianne T.

I was just describing your workshop to someone and decided I needed to let you know how fantastic I think it was and how wonderful you are. I found it really refreshing to learn and practice with you. I loved your format and the calmness of focusing on how things related to the back. I honestly felt “fluffier” and more at ease when we finished. It was a beautiful flow and I truly felt that everyone understood their own body better when it was all over. The whole practice was so mindful.
— Darcy B.

You helped me gain body awareness and improve the alignment in my spine and entire body. I now stand more upright. The nagging pain that I had in my back for years completely disappeared after our first sessions two years ago. Can’t thank you enough!!
— Cheri

I am a yoga teacher who finds myself out of alignment more often than I wish to. I realized yoga and standard bodywork was not going to cut it - I had to get to the root of the problem so I had a consultation with a walking and movement specialist who recommended Maya for rolfing.

I immediately loved her energy and personality, though I was a bit nervous because I heard that rolfing could be painful. To my surprise, the sessions were very intense but never painful, which also was surprising to friends of mine who have been to other rolfers. I do not have a high threshold for pain so I think Maya is just very skilled and very aware of who she is treating and where they are at. While she worked on me, we would chat and laugh about things and then sometimes it would get quiet and that was nice too. She has a really calming, steady presence and I was genuinely excited to see her as I made my way to my sessions. She also gave me tips on how to keep the alignment we were creating in my body which was useful to me.

There is a thing about Rolfing where you are supposed to do 10 sessions, Maya was very chill about that and said “let’s just see how your body responds to this and go from there”. That was such a better approach for me and way less stressful financially. I probably ended up doing more than 10 sessions in total, even after the initial batch of sessions I would come see her for tuneups throughout the years. I miss her dearly and hope all of you on the west coast take advantage of the gift you now have in LA!
— Katie

I have suffered with chronic back pain for twenty years and Maya kept me out of trouble through regular sessions. Maya’s techniques have been extremely helpful in realigning me with her gentle, thoughtful and collaborative rolfing work. I always felt cared for and always enjoyed my time with her as a lovely person with extraordinary gifts.
— Brigid

Through Rolfing, Maya has given me more awareness of the ‘blind spots’ in my back. She has helped me uncover habitual patterns and move toward balance and ease.
— Caitlin C.

Thank you so much. I have to say, when I left our session the other day, I felt this lightness in my back body that felt so wonderful. Almost like I had been wearing a heavy back pack and I finally got to take it off!
— Aryn

Maya has an excellent eye and touch. She has consistently been able to see exactly what my body needs and address it with skill and proficiency. I always feel better after my sessions with her and in the long term many of the good things that I have developed in my body and movement patterns were directly connected to the work she did with me. And I have recommended many of my clients to her and they always had rave reviews. As someone who helps people with pain issues having someone that you trust to refer people to is invaluable.
— Jonathan

I don’t think I ever told you this, but if I did it bears repeating, but that one session we did really helped me approach a bunch of my own asymmetries in a useful way. Some of the way I was organizing my pelvis and rib cage had become really chronic and unuseful and even just that one session really helped me wrap my head around where I needed to make changes...... So thanks for that.
— Alex P.

Yowza! That work we did a week ago was profound to say the least. I am trying to sort out a completely new relationship between my upper and lower body and their relationship through the psoas......this will make a radical change in my neck and other perennial problems.
— GA