Maya isn’t only a body worker; she’s an educator. She taught me about my individual patterns and body blind spots during our sessions. My increased self-awareness has helped me live and move better in my body.    -Jennie

 Caitlin Casella Photography

Caitlin Casella Photography

I have always been inspired by the innate intelligence and beautiful complexity of the human body. Since 2001, I have been studying human movement and re-education first through yoga and much later through Rolfing® Structural Integration. I began practicing yoga while studying theater and visual art at Oberlin College. I went on to complete my 500-hour yoga teacher certification through Yoga Works.

As a yoga teacher, I found myself drawn to students dealing with chronic back pain, tendonitis, joint instability, and a variety of other injuries that were ultimately causing them discomfort and limiting their activities. I began to look into modalities of bodywork that would further my ability to help people heal their bodies.

I received my Rolfing Certification from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.  I have trained in Source point Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. As part of my continuing studies, I attended a 6 day cadaver dissection lab with Gil Hedley in 2012 and continue to study anatomy and physiology.  I taught yoga for 10 years in Brooklyn and Manhattan and have recently relocated to San Clemente, CA with family. I am known for my therapeutic back-care classes and workshops that offer students self-care techniques and corrective exercises.  I also teach anatomy and physiology modules for yoga teacher training programs.  

I love what I do. To me, teaching yoga and working as a Rolfer are similar in process. Both modalities peel away layers of stress, tension, and other maladaptive patterns so that we can all be more connected to our bodies and healthier in our lives.