Align Your Spine, Free your Fascia, and Heal your Back!

Asanafit, San Clemente, CA

March 11 1-3pm

This workshop combines tissue release, the principles of structural integration (rolfing) and yoga asana to give you the tools to be pain free in your body once and for all!

Your fascia tells the story of your body. Past injuries, repetitive movement patterns, and habits of daily life can create imbalances. Some tissues become a little too long and others become too short. These compensatory patterns can exhaust your body and cause pain. The only way to truly heal is to address the whole structure.

This workshop will include a brief lesson on the anatomy of the spine. We will look at different bodies and discuss what “balanced” looks like for YOU.

You will then be guided through a combination of self-massage and yoga asana ending with restorative poses to reset your nervous system.

Each student will go home with 2 massage balls and leave feeling taller, more balanced, and a little bit lighter!