Thanks so much, Maya ! Since the Workshop, my painful left hip/pelvis has been pain free . It used to wake me during the night but now you have given me some valuable help & I feel that I have much more control. 

-Dianne T.  


I was just describing your workshop to someone and decided I needed to let you know how fantastic I think it was and how wonderful you are. I found it really refreshing to learn and practice with you. I loved your format and the calmness of focusing on how things related to the back. I honestly felt "fluffier" and more at ease when we finished. It was a beautiful flow and I truly felt that everyone understood their own body better when it was all over. The whole practice was so mindful. 

-Darcy B.

Align Your Spine and Ease Muscular Tension: Self Massage for Pregnancy And Postpartum

Bend and Bloom Yoga

Saturday, July 15 3-5pm


This workshop is for all pregnant or postpartum women who feel tight, tense, or achy. Skillfully rolling on massage balls can heal overworked and injured tissues and re-set the nervous system.

In this workshop we will free our fascia with a full body massage using rubber balls and yoga props. We will linger in the areas that can get especially tight and tender during pregnancy. Then, there will be a long savasana to allow time for the nervous system to settle.

You will leave with a great set of tools for your own self-care. These self massage techniques can be very helpful during labor as well. This workshop is for all stages of pregnancy. This workshop includes a set of massage balls.

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