The Ten-Series

The hallmark of Rolfing Structural Integration is the Ten-Series, the goal of which is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure and function of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions.

Each session focuses on freeing restrictions or holdings trapped in a particular region of the body.

The Ten-Series can be divided into three distinct units.

Sessions 1-3:

Called the "sleeve” sessions, numbers one through three aim to loosen and balance surface layers of connective tissue.

The first session is devoted to enhancing the quality of breath by working on the arms, ribcage and diaphragm. This session begins to address the upper leg, hamstrings, neck and spine as well. The second session helps give the body more support by balancing the foot and muscles of the lower leg. Number three typically involves a side lying position with the goal to balance the head, shoulder girdle, and hips in relation to one another.

Before and After 10 Sessions

Before and After 10 Sessions

Sessions 4-7

Four through seven are referred to as “core” sessions and work on some of the deeper structures of the body.

Session four explores the territory of the inner leg from arch of the foot to the bottom of the pelvis, thus starting to balance the pelvic floor. The fifth session is concerned with balancing the front of the body, the abdominals, the psoas muscles, and the hip flexors. Session six address the back of the body and builds more support and movement from the legs, pelvis, and lower back. The seventh session addresses the deeper structures of the neck and head.

Session 8-10

“Integration” is emphasized throughout the remaining three sessions. Eight and nine provide an opportunity to work once again with the upper an lower body and provide more support and balance.

The tenth works on the whole body. It smooths out the surface layers and addresses any final restrictions in the body.